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Dani Rose

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Not another communications major


I founded Piccolo Public Relations in 2012 after several years with a boutique entertainment firm. Prior to public relations, I dabbled in finance and even toyed with law school. Unable to feed my creative, jovial personality, I found what I was willing and excited to fight for in PR. I now have the privilege of working with actors, directors, producers, designers, photographers, make-up artists, products, non-profits, and innovators.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Law and Society from the University of California, Irvine.

I reside in Los Angeles with my husband and three miniature dachshunds, Zoey, Abigail, & Loki.

photo credit: charlie nunn photography

photo credit: charlie nunn photography



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Why piccolo


The name Piccolo Public Relations was derived from my Italian heritage, my love for all things small, alliteration and the company I always dreamed of creating; while thriving, independent, personalized, and dedicated. Piccolo, translating to ‘small’ in Italian fits me perfectly. At a monstrous 5’3’’, I’m clearly tiny but I promise, mighty and fierce. Welcome to my other family.


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