photo credit: allen zaki

photo credit: allen zaki


confidence is always stylish

These artists allow as to look as beautiful on the outside, as we feel on the inside. They can bring out the confidence that lives within but doesn’t always make an appearance. They are miracle workers And so much fun!


Nicole Maguire (Wittman)

MakeUp Artist

Her work is celebrated on various platforms of editorial/print, television/film, and international fashion shows. Most recently she worked with Academy Award Winning Actress, Helen Mirren on a new L'Oreal campaign and the Grammy Award Winning American rock band, the Foo Fighters. Her work can also be seen on the CW’s America's Next Top Model, in Net-A-Porter, the New York Times, and clients sauntering the red carpet.


Dushyant Asthana

Fashion Designer

Conceived in Los Angeles but inspired by the world. Since its inception, the core focus has been to design and create clothing that engages the world differently. Dushyant Asthana was born out of necessity as an alternative to the plethora of banal options proliferating the garment market. The brand integrates global eclecticism, hand-picked fabrics and classic tailoring. The garments are made from ethically sourced, fully sustainable fabrics and produced responsibly.